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What is barefoot training?

Want to know what BOSU training means, what it is in fitness? The term BOSU means a universal balancing platform. It was developed back in the late 90s of the last century and has become a less traumatic alternative to fitness training using fitball. The abbreviation stands for Both Sides Up – can be translated into Russian as “use of both sides.”

Equipment for classes

The hemisphere BOSU with a diameter of 65 cm and a height of about 30 cm is made of rubber. The simulator is mounted on a rigid base of plastic. The package includes a pump that allows you to fill the dome with air. The complexity of the exercises depends on the elasticity of the hemisphere. Externally, the simulator resembles a half-cut fitball.

During the exercise, you can rely on the hemisphere, and on the platform itself. Usually aerobic and strength exercises are performed on the domed part, and the platform helps to develop balance and coordination. The popularity of the simulator in the sports world has determined its versatility. Training on the balancing platform can be included in almost any fitness program: from aerobics and Pilates to power loads and stretching.

BOSU is also not neglected by professional athletes: the platform is actively used by basketball players and skiers, snowboarders and gymnasts, tennis players and martial artists, especially before preparing for olympiads and major competitions. The platform helps improve muscle strength and develop balance. Also, BOSU is engaged in fitness during physiotherapy – it helps to facilitate recovery from injuries and serves as a means of their prevention.

Barefoot exercises

The following exercises with the BOSU platform are considered the most effective. Their implementation contributes to weight loss and getting rid of problem areas, muscle tightening.

Hemispheric push-ups.
Squats, including with the rotation of the housing.
Tightening the knees in the bar (you need to lean one by one on a flat platform and on the hemisphere).
Side bar (both legs rise).
Stand on all fours with leg lifts.
Jumping in the bar (support on the platform).
Any exercises on the hemisphere of BOSU in a standing position, h. lifts of legs and arms, with dumbbells, tilts, body turns.
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Useful Tips

1Lectures should begin by warming up and warming up.

2You need to train on the platform in sneakers. The sole of the shoe should not slip; this will protect the ligamentous apparatus.

3You should not perform exercises with dumbbells in a standing position on the dome, until you learn how to confidently balance.

4The ball should not be inflated much in the first weeks of classes, the less its elasticity, the easier it will be to complete the exercises.

5When you are standing on the dome, the feet should be closer to the center and parallel to each other. But the knees should be kept in a bent position.

6Not recommended to stand on an inverted platform (plastic part).

7Do not be discouraged if at first the exercises on BOSU cause difficulties. Start with simple exercises. Accustomed to the simulator and finding a confident balance, gradually move on to more difficult exercises.

The benefits of classes

BOSU balancing platform – a universal simulator. It can be used in a wide variety of activities.
The platform will help to complicate the usual exercises, to make them more effective – by increasing the difficulty of doing more calories are burned.
The platform provides active work of muscle groups while maintaining balance on the ball – this is necessary to stabilize the body. Therefore, the muscles of the back and abdominals are involved even during exercises, the purpose of which is to study other parts of the body.
The BOSU platform is less traumatic than a fitball, from which you can fall and be injured. This eliminates the use of the platform, since it has a stable base and half the height.
Classes on the platform improve the functioning of the vestibular apparatus, contribute to the development of balance and coordination.
Maintaining balance on the platform forces a person to engage deep stabilization muscles. This eliminates the occurrence of muscle imbalances, causing back pain.
Diversity You can train on the platform while sitting, standing and lying down.
Easy to use.
A variety of workouts. You need to know which subject is used for additional BOSU classes. It can be the same fitball, you can also use a medball or an elastic tape to diversify the arsenal of your exercises.


BOSU training can be done not only in the sports club. You can buy a simulator for home use. It is never too late to start improving your body, and the platform will help strengthen the muscles of the whole body, make the body beautiful and balanced.

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