The illusions of modern fitness
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Aerobic capacity of women
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How to find free fitness and what to expect from it

It should be understood that free fitness is only a temporary measure. If the purpose of classes is losing weight, pumping muscles, then unsystematic free classes in clubs will not give the desired result. To do this, you need a leading trainer and a well-thought-out individual program.

Free fitness: fiction or reality?
Sports clubs, sections, even individual trainers conduct free classes for advertising. So they promote their services among potential season ticket buyers. If you live in a big city, then the search for stocks on a free fitness is not difficult.

Where can I find posts about such activities? In the social groups of your city, in the group of a particular fitness center or trainer. Such posts are actively promoted to attract an audience.

You don’t have to expect much from a trial lesson. Usually they give a standard program for everyone. The coach will not be interested in you, so this option is for those who agree to work in a group or on their own.

Free fitness options include outdoor activities and workshops.

Street fitness for free – features and offers
Free fitness yoga

Different sports are suitable for outdoor training. As close as possible to fitness – yoga, workout, zumba, Pilates.

Yoga is a set of exercises for the development of flexibility and strength in the body, much attention is paid to breathing. The advantage of this fitness is that you do not need any equipment (except a rug). Yoga centers conduct classes in parks, squares, green areas for those who wish, advertising their services.

Workout – street free fitness, has recently become a separate sport. These are strength exercises with affordable equipment. Workout needs a special area – they are built in stadiums or open areas.

Zumba – dance fitness to the music. The exercises are combined with movements from Latin American dances. Such a lesson can be held anywhere, so often studios offer free training. You need to take a good mood, comfortable clothes and sports shoes with you.

Pilates – moderate exercise to support body tone. They were originally developed for rehabilitation after injuries. Suitable for beginner athletes before choosing the main type of loads.

You need to monitor announcements of master classes in sports groups. But a lesson from a specialist on a free basis is a rarity. Fitness sounds attractive for free, but it is extremely limited. In the cold season, you will have to look for a workout in the gym. A limited number of shares will not allow you to engage regularly.

What are the benefits of a free trial at a fitness club?
Gyms offer a guest visit. The conditions are different – from group lessons to individual ones. So the potential owner of the subscription will be able to assess the conditions of the fitness club and the approach of the coach.

Such events are worth attending, even if the gym has a good reputation. You will be able to evaluate how much you like to go to this club, to feel how to get there and back. When you attend a free trial at a fitness club, also pay attention to:

the presence of free showers, storage lockers;

the choice of sports simulators and their cleanliness;

congestion of the hall.

Keep in mind that a promotional activity does not provide for complete immersion. As a rule, a visitor is familiarized with equipment on it, they look at the level of training, and demonstrate the benefits of a fitness club. Such training is unlikely to be useful if you have been involved in sports for a long time.
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Free fitness on the internet
Free home fitness

The modern way to do it is with online lessons. There are a lot of pitfalls. There are many choices: yoga, workout, aerobics, Pilates, dancing, etc. There are home workout programs where special equipment is not involved. Lessons are freely available, you can choose the right time and place.

The main problem of online classes is the lack of an individual approach and professional advice. In pursuit of a specific goal, with such a program you may not achieve it simply because it is not intended for this. Such a free fitness fit:

for those who have just begun work on themselves and are working on all areas;

someone who does not have the opportunity to go to the gym (small child, work, lack of a good club);

knowledgeable athletes who can choose the right one from the program and cut off the excess.

When choosing exercise selections, spend more time searching. Visit the social networks of famous trainers. Many of them actively maintain pages or a YouTube channel. There they lay out sets of exercises in separate zones, sometimes – an approximate training program. You will have to independently monitor the technique and motivation, think about the program for the future, but this is a fitness option for free.

How to find free fitness and what to expect from it
It should be understood that free fitness is only a temporary measure. If the purpose of classes is losing weight, pumping muscles, then unsystematic free classes in clubs will not…


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