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Why do I need myofascial release training?

Those involved in sports clubs have probably heard such a term – myofascial release. What is fitness in it? The concept implies a set of exercises, the purpose of which is to relax the muscles.

Starting to do fitness, the beginner experiences certain difficulties: exhausting workouts, painful sensations throughout the body in the morning. If muscle pain continues for a long time, you have to neglect training. But in this case, the fitness instructor can expedite the return to duty using MFR training. Classes allow you to relax your muscles, remove uncomfortable sensations and begin to train again. You can do it even at home, just get enough special equipment.

So what does myofascial release mean? “Myo” in translation from Greek means muscles, “fascia” means a shell. With the help of MPF, you can relax the muscles by pressing and stretching the problem parts of the body. All muscles and organs are surrounded by fascia – the membrane, which consists of collagen and elastin. Gradually, this fabric deteriorates, making movement difficult.

You can compare the fascia with a film that separates the shares in citruses and protects their flesh. Failures in fascia work negatively affect muscle function. And the occurrence of failures is possible for various reasons: age-related changes, mechanical injuries, stress, poor posture. Myofascial relaxation of one shell allows you to normalize another due to the mutual relationship existing between them.

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So, fascia perform the following functions:

1 Responsible for maintaining the integrity of the muscles of the body.

2 Provide support and transmit voltage.

3 Protect muscles (act as a shock absorber).

4Save the desired degree of slip.

5 Normalize blood flow.

Muscle pain is being explored by many medical scientists. There is the concept of a “trigger point” that occurs as a result of muscle load. Its diameter does not exceed 1 cm. Blood circulation around these points is difficult, pressure on them causes severe pain. If there are trigger points in the muscle, it cannot relax, recovery after training occurs at a slow pace., Individual movements become inaccessible. Termination of training does not contribute to the disappearance of trigger points. Myofascial massage, or controlled relaxation, is required.

Equipment for classes
To work with muscles and fascia, you need to have special equipment: massage rollers, balls (regular and double), cylinders.

You can increase the effect by increasing the area of ​​the applicator. Although equipment having a smaller area is able to more deeply impact. That is, the choice is determined by the intended results.

Massage scooters are the most versatile, they can be used when performing 80% of the exercises. Rigidity can be standard, but soft, hard, or grooved massagers can be used. The choice depends on the physique. With normal, standard ones are suitable, for beginners it is better to use soft ones, with a body weight exceeding 90 kg, it is better to use solid and corrugated scooters.

Balls are used for local exposure. The diameter can be from 1 cm to the size of a soccer ball.

Myofascial Release Training Equipment
Do-it-yourself exercises
If you do not have contraindications, the exercises included in the myofascial release can be done at home. 2 hours before classes do not eat, water can be consumed. Need the appropriate attitude, comfortable clothing. Previously, you should work out with an instructor or watch video tutorials.

The technique consists in rolling each muscle for at least 30 seconds, and if they have trigger points – 45 seconds. You need to roll the roll slowly, increasing the pressure gradually, with the relief of pain.

First, there is a rolling of the part of the arm or leg adjacent to the body, with a gradual removal. You need to start from points where there are no severe pains, then proceed to the treatment of pain zones.

You need to breathe slowly, smoothly, deeply. If severe pain appears, the effect must be stopped.
There are contraindications for myofascial release. They may be temporary or permanent. It:

Varicose veins.
Open wounds.
Periods of exacerbation of skin or other chronic diseases.
The need for surgery.
Hypertension or hypotension.
Bad feeling.

The benefits of exercise
MFR in fitness shows positive results in many cases. This is the elimination of muscle hypertonicity, the speed of recovery after intensive training. The method is actively used during the warm-up period, allowing the joints to warm up, increasing flexibility. Serves as a prophylaxis of injuries. MFR is necessary for runners, professionals.

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Why do I need myofascial release training?
Those involved in sports clubs have probably heard such a term - myofascial release. What is fitness in it? The concept implies a set of exercises, the purpose of which…


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