Why is it important to warm up before training?
The following types of workout are distinguished: passive - increase in body temperature by various means, for example a hot shower; general - increase in body temperature with the help…

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Home workouts or gym: pros and cons
A healthy lifestyle has become a fashion trend. Most are unhappy with their figure and tend to look better. Obviously, this requires regular exercise, which will help to cope with…

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Proper construction of the training process provides
Proper construction of the training process provides: - harmonious development of basic physical, moral and moral-volitional qualities; - creates a solid foundation for general and special preparedness; - allows you…

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What are TRX loops: the pros and cons of training

Among the areas of fitness, the number of which is growing “like mushrooms after the rain”, one can single out the three world leaders. Crossfit is a high-intensity interval training from an American physical training instructor for firefighters and police officers Greg Glassman. Les Mills – Six innovative fitness systems from the family dynasty of athletes, founded by 4-time Olympic shot put champion New Zealander Leslie Mills. Trinity is completed by outboard training where TRX loops are used.

If you know a little English, then you can understand that the first type is a combination of cardio and power loads, and the second is a nominal training system. And trx training – what is it? How did she attract a huge number of fitness lovers around the world and is it suitable for you?

A bit of TRX loop history
The impetus for the creation of the TRX loop simulator was the events of 1997 in one of the ports of Southeast Asia. It was there that the commander of the American “fur seals”, together with his unit, was to capture the moored marine vessel. To get on the ship, Randy Hetrick made a rope system, assembled from parachute slings and a jiu-jitsu belt. Later this device turned out to be very convenient for training all muscle groups in the field, when there is no way to engage in the gym.

What are TRX loops

After being retired, from 2001 to 2004, Hetrick perfected and personally began selling the Travel Resistance X training loops and his own, patented TRX® Suspension Trainer ™ training system. In 2007, the U.S. Department of Defense buys TRX FORCE® training equipment. In 2011, a modern design of several types of loops appears. “Under them” is released the first training course Rip Training, designed specifically for fitness, as well as exercise therapy program Suspension Training Course. The “cherry on the cake” of this type of fitness is the creation of the TRX Academy in 2015.

What gives training on a suspended simulator
The suspended TRX exercise machine is 3 rigid, Y-shaped connected slings. One end is attached to the wall, ceiling, clamped in the doorway or fixed, for example, on a tree. The extension cord, carabiners and anchors allow you to practice indoors or outdoors. The ends of 2 other straps, also adjustable in length, end with handles and loops. Their combination allows not only to hold on to them with their hands or to fix the feet. The handles make it convenient to perform exercises in the stop positions. We figured out the simulator device, and trx training – what kind of technique is this?

There are a fairly large number of branded physical training systems from the TRX Academy and other manufacturers of pendant simulators of this type. However, each trainer or fitness practitioner can make their own training schemes.

With the help of loop exercises, you can solve different problems:

work out all muscle groups simultaneously and evenly or with emphasis on the arms, legs or back;
pump over or vice versa dry muscle volume;
to improve dexterity, coordination of movements and a sense of balance;
increase flexibility and stretch;
increase endurance by adjusting intervals and intensity of loads.
For beginners, exercises on the simulator can be a separate type of training, and for advanced athletes, become part of any fitness area.

What is TRX?

Pros TRX
Among the advantages of hanging loop workouts are:

TRX hinges can replace the gym. They allow you to do strength exercises, stretching, flexibility, as well as receive sufficient cardio loads.
You can engage in a simulator at any age, even young children. Body weight also does not matter.
Basic exercises are available for people with any level of physical fitness. The complexity of the exercise is regulated by a long sling, a change in the angle of inclination or a change in body position. For example, for a weak beginner, standing ups (hands with loops and the whole body slightly forward), imitating push-ups from the wall, are suitable. For trained people, flexion-extension of the arms is already offered when they rest against the floor, and the ankles are fixed with loops. The load and complexity for advanced ones is even higher – you need to do push-ups “as usual”, but with your arms not on the floor, but on the hinges.
Functional training takes place without a vertical load on the spine, so most simple exercises are available even for those who have back problems.
The unusual position of the body, the absence of habitual and fixed points of support during the holding of static positions, allows you to simultaneously engage not only superficial muscle layers, but also stabilizing muscles of the joints, core and paravertebral muscle groups.
Working with your own body weight minimizes the risk of injury. Moreover, for those who injured their legs in the class with another kind of fitness, the TRX loops will help them undergo rehabilitation faster.

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