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Can pregnant women do sports and fitness?

The nine-month period of bearing a child is certainly not a reason to quit training. If you did not pay attention to the body before pregnancy, then its onset is an occasion when you need to start exercising. Moreover, it is necessary immediately for two – for you and the baby growing inside. So, can pregnant women go in for sports and how to do it right?

Fitness Benefits for Pregnant
Can pregnant women go in for sports and go to the fitness room? Here are the evidence-based medical arguments for it. Moderate physical activity during pregnancy:

accelerate blood flow, enhance tissue respiration, activate metabolism;

prevent fetal hypoxia;
lower the concentration of meconium in the amniotic fluid, reducing the risks of pathological development of the cardiovascular and nervous system of the unborn child;
increase the immunity of women, facilitating the task of “barrier protection” against infections;
smoothly and gradually strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, abdominals and back;
support the functional state of the ligaments and joints of the expectant mother;
prevent excessive weight gain in both;
improve well-being;
contribute to the facilitation of childbirth, as well as the rapid recovery after them.
Can pregnant women do fitness?

If you are going to do fitness, then your baby will probably after his birth receive his first rating in life (Apgar score), much higher than those whose mothers treated themselves like a crystal vessel. In the future, he will be more active, but at the same time respond more calmly and calm down faster after exposure to stimuli. It will be easier for him to master motor skills, and by the age of 5, as proved by research, he will pass intellectual tests better than others.

Contraindications to fitness during pregnancy
Fitness and pregnancy are an absolutely unacceptable combination only in the following cases:

diseases that even before conception were an obstacle to playing sports;
isthmic-cervical insufficiency;
tearing of membranes and even minimal outflow of water (regardless of trimester);
persistently high or intermittently changing indicators of blood pressure caused by pregnancy;
toxicosis of the III degree;
placenta previa;
occasional bloody discharge;
multiple pregnancy in the 3rd trimester.
Too thin or full, with minor cardiac arrhythmias, or those who have minor bleeding in the first trimester, you can train, but only after receiving detailed instructions from a trainer working with pregnant women.

Optimal Fitness During Pregnancy
We’ll clarify right away that strength fitness is not indicated for pregnant women. It will have to be gradually abandoned by those who deal with it earlier, gradually moving to other directions. However, with the development of gestational diabetes, training with dumbbells + loading the muscles of the legs and buttocks is imperative. Such exercises and regular cardio loads are an important condition for lowering blood sugar. Here one diet can not do, and sugar-lowering drugs are forbidden to pregnant women.

Can pregnant women do fitness?

Cardio load during pregnancy
Pregnant women need to walk 2 times a day for 1 hour. So that the walks are not “banal” for you, replace one of them with the trendy fitness area now – Nordic walking. Special sticks, on the one hand, increase and redistribute the load on all the muscles of the body. At the same time, the beneficial effect and energy costs when walking at a slow pace increase to those that you would have received if you did not want to run or ride a bicycle for pregnant women. On the other hand, they help maintain balance and not fall if you feel dizzy or you accidentally stumble.

Nearby there is a pool, you have no skin problems? Swimming, 2-3 times a week for 40 minutes, is the best type of load for the heart and lungs, when the joints of the limbs are active, and the spine and legs are unloaded by semi-zero gravity. Training in the I and II trimesters will allow you to prepare and engage in the third trimester without any problems, when swimming will be especially relevant due to weight gain and a high load on the back muscles, intervertebral joints and leg veins.

You can train on cardiovascular machines until 19-20 weeks of pregnancy. Give up the treadmill. Choose a horizontal type exercise bike, a stepper exclusively with handrails and no turning mechanism, and an ellipsoid (orbitreck) with a central flywheel that allows the pedals to stand not too wide, but like during normal skiing. Remember that such activities do not exempt you from being outdoors in the days of training, and walking on the other days of the week.

Dance directions for pregnant women
Among the dance varieties of fitness, virtually everyone is prohibited. The only thing that can be recommended in this case is to ask the nearest fitness clubs about the availability of special programs for pregnant women – a fitness mother.


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