Physiological basis for the development of motor qualities
Muscles are the most important tissue in the body. Skeletal muscles are under direct volitional control and provide movement of the body in space and maintain posture. Regardless of the…

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Proper construction of the training process provides
Proper construction of the training process provides: - harmonious development of basic physical, moral and moral-volitional qualities; - creates a solid foundation for general and special preparedness; - allows you…

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What is crossfit (crossfit) and why is it needed
In a number of areas of fitness, crossfit is a separate line. So what is crossfit? This is one of the most fashionable areas of physical fitness among adherents of…

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Training in the gym: where to start?

In the past few years, the unconditional components of the fashionable image have become a slender, toned body with muscles pumped, but slightly, perfect posture and easy gait. Famous stylists insist that these parameters will be relevant for at least another decade. And training in the gym is just the point.

I want to be in the trend, but I have never been and don’t know where to start training in the gym? Remember step-by-step instructions with examples from the American bodybuilding star, elegant and sophisticated Jamie Eason.

What to wear in the gym
Of course, you can train in the “old”, but it is better to do this in a modern sports form. She will give confidence, and the cost of her purchase will become an additional motivator that will not allow to flinch and refuse to achieve the goal. By the way, some clubs insist on observance of a dress code, and “tattered” in slippers will simply not be allowed to classes.

The best form for training in the gym is a tracksuit and a T-shirt, not too bright in color, made of “breathable” materials that absorb sweat well. They should fit your size. Avoid hugging too much. Not suitable for training and sportswear in the style of Overseas. Over time, when the muscles begin to take on relief forms, it will be possible to “reward” yourself with new things – shorts, leggings, T-shirts, tight-fitting tops.

With sports shoes designed for the gym, things are a little more complicated. For training with weight lifting and working out on running simulators, different types of sneakers are designed. It is best for beginners to start training in a perfectly sitting, universal top model from a well-known sports manufacturer. You also need to buy several pairs of expensive sports socks. Training stops should feel 100% complete.

Where to start training in the gym

Now a little information about important things:

Do not forget to put several towels of different sizes in your bag. Microfiber is in fashion today. The fabric is lightweight, compact, absorbs sweat and water well. If there is a shower in the locker room of the gym, then take care of a cosmetic bag with hygiene items in advance.
During the lesson, you can and should drink water or special sports drinks. Therefore, there is yet another type of cost – for a special “drinker”. It is strictly forbidden to bring water in glass bottles.
If you have long hair, take care of tight elastic bands. Metal and plastic holders will cause inconvenience, and it is forbidden to train with loose hair in safety precautions.
Engage in jewelry (rings, earrings, metal bracelets, chains) is also impossible. If they are jewelry or valuable to you, then leave them at home. Most clubs do not guarantee the safety of things in locker rooms.
Prepare a selection of jogging tracks and strength exercises. Think about how the player or smartphone will be fixed on the body or clothes.
Training in the hall: what to look for
The first trip, to the gym next to work, school or home, for beginners is akin to a trip to reconnaissance. You have to find out at the reception:

the cost of 1 visit or a reusable subscription to classes at a convenient time for you for the day and days of the week;
the number of people training at this time;
the opportunity to receive discounts;
Is it possible to conduct the first training for free;
whether the consultation with the “duty” instructor is included in the total cost; or is such a service paid extra;
Is there a time limit on cardiovascular equipment?
Where to start training in the gym

Ask for a familiarization tour of the fitness club premises before starting workouts in the gym:

look at the dressing room, toilet and shower room;
stay 5-10 minutes in the gym, evaluate how comfortable you feel in it;
consider the “range” of power and elliptical trainers, other equipment and inventory.
Initial Training Scheme
Buy your first monthly subscription at the rate of 2 lessons per week. In the future, if desired and necessary, this number can be increased to 3. Formalities are passed, payment is made, everything you need for classes is purchased, you are fully equipped (towel, drinker, player) went to the gym. Where to begin?

Warm up
A necessary component of any workout that helps to avoid injuries is a warm-up. First, use its shortened version. Do 2-3 exercises to warm up the Achilles tendon, a couple of swing movements in the hip and shoulder joints, and a march on the treadmill. Run at an average pace for 5 minutes. No longer needed. This time is quite enough to raise body temperature, increase general blood flow, prepare the cardiovascular system and lungs for the upcoming loads.

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