How to lose weight in the gym and is it possible?
In anticipation of the summer, naturally there is a desire to lose extra pounds, make muscles more prominent, feel a surge of strength and energy. When it comes to the…

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How to lose weight in the gym and is it possible?

In anticipation of the summer, naturally there is a desire to lose extra pounds, make muscles more prominent, feel a surge of strength and energy. When it comes to the gym, many people see a picture of rocked bodybuilders in their heads, and then there is a doubt how to lose weight in the gym and is it possible?

Sure you may! But only if you approach this process not only as, but wisely. We suggest the basic principles that will help to achieve the desired result quickly enough to then flaunt in light summer outfits and get real pleasure on the beaches.

What does the gym have to do with it? Being overweight it will not work to get in shape with training alone! Adipose tissue will never degenerate into muscle fibers and will not leave your body evaporating with sweat. It is necessary to upset the energy balance “income – expense” in the direction of the latter. But there is no need to make a tough decision. Since you will increase the cost component while working in the gym, therefore, it is not necessary and even harmful to health to go on a rigid diet.

It is enough to adhere to the following recommendations:

1. Forget about potatoes, white rice, pork, instant foods and snacks “street” food.

Your side dishes:

in the morning – whole grain oatmeal, pasta of hard varieties, buckwheat;
in the afternoon – fresh vegetables, beans and other legumes;
in the evening – vegetable stew.
Animal protein source:

breakfast – cottage cheese, eggs, lean beef and its liver;
lunch – chicken breast, hard cheese;
dinner – fatty fish, seafood.
2. Get vitamins and minerals from dried apricots, raisins, figs and prunes, and Omega 3 from walnuts and ground flax seeds.

3. Do not spare money for grapefruits, petiole celery, ginger and other spices.

4. Refuse sweet soda, even its variants “light” and “sugar free”. Replace sweets and pastries with dark chocolate, fruit jellies, oatmeal cookies. Knock down the yearning for sweets in small portions of kozinak or halva.

5. Pay particular attention to drinking water. Its daily intake should be increased – (1 kg of body weight x 35 ml) + 0.7 l. Is it “boring” to drink such an amount of mineral water? Mix it with kefir or yogurt in a ratio of 2 to 1.

6. Reducing the volume of main meals to the size of 2 fists, and snacks – up to half the fist.

In order not to harm health, including losing weight, it is advised not to eat 2 hours before and as much time after a workout. This statement concerns the main meals. Exercising on an empty stomach, on the other hand, is harmful. Therefore, 20-30 minutes before and after class, give the body a small amount of simple proteins. It could be a sports protein shake. But the easiest and easiest way to eat half or a whole banana.

How to lose weight in the gym

We figured out the receipt of energy sources, now we’ll deal with its consumption.

How to lose weight in the gym: training scheme
Since your goal is to put yourself in order before the summer season, and there is not enough time for this, we advise you to visit the gym not 2, but 3 times a week. We warn you immediately that 1 hour will be short. Buy a subscription based on the duration of 1 lesson in the first month – 1.5 hours, and in the second – 2 hours. In training, adhere to such a scheme.

Going to the gym, measure the pulse. This indicator will be important for the third part of the workout.

Is it possible to lose weight in the gym
Warm up
Preheating ligaments, tendons, muscles and the body as a whole is an axiom of any training or competition process. In your case, it will be enough:

start with a 3-4-minute joint warm-up, paying particular attention to the wrist and ankle joints, Achilles tendons;
finish with a 3-5 minute average load on a treadmill, ellipsoid or rowing machine.
Do not look towards exercise bikes. They are not suitable for you either for warming up or for losing weight.

Power part
You can lose weight without physical education, just sitting on a diet. There is an option to speed up the process by adding jogging to the power limit. But you want to be not just slim, but with outlined muscle lines and elastic skin without stretch marks. Therefore, you can’t do without power exercises.

Here you have 3 sets of exercises – one for each day in the weekly schedule:

Exercising the muscles of the shoulder girdle, press and back
shoulder press;
traction of the upper block;
bending the arms from the lower block in the crossover;
draft of the lower block sitting;
complex “4 slats”;
thrust of the upper block back (per delta).
We pump the muscles of the legs, tighten the buttocks
leg press;
walking lunges;
leg extension sitting;
bending of the legs lying on the stomach;
standing on toes;
walking with an incline for every step (knees are straightened, do not round your back, fingers / palms touch the floor, steps are small).
We work with the muscles of the press, back and arms
lifting dumbbells in front of you;
bending the arms with a reverse grip on the block;
arms with dumbbells to the side;
extension of arms with dumbbells, standing in an angle with an emphasis on one knee;
direct crunches;
reverse crunches.
Each complex includes…

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