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How to choose a personal trainer: instruction for beginners

Modern man needs additional physical activity, because the lifestyle of the average inhabitant of the planet today is sedentary. Therefore, many decide to seek the help of professionals and go to the gym. At the first stage, when the training program has not yet been developed, you need someone who will direct the novice athlete. Therefore, the main question arises: how to choose a personal trainer in the gym.

Why do I need a coach: can I handle it myself?
As practice shows, independent training without consulting an instructor is ineffective. There are several reasons:

Inconsistency with the goals. If you just want to keep fit, you don’t need fat burning workouts. When you need to train endurance, focus on cardio, not strength, etc.
Wrong technique. It is dangerous not only with a low coefficient of efficiency, but also with injuries. Especially when working with loads: the wrong grip or excess load on the back – injury, sprain, health effects. The trainer also insures, suggests how to modify the exercise to fit your needs.
Lack of motivation. Contrary to popular belief, a trainer is not just a gym teacher. First of all, this is a person who is interested in helping you as an athlete, friend and motivator. The right words of support stimulate an additional approach, give confidence in oneself and a desire to engage.
If you already have a training program, you know how to do the exercises, then you can do without a mentor. Those who first came to the gym for a specific purpose, have never had a relationship with sports, we advise you to enlist the support of a coach to carry out the program to the maximum.

How to choose a personal trainer

How to choose a personal fitness trainer
Let’s say right away: there is no single and comprehensive list. Everyone who comes to practice is guided by their own preferences: from gender to sporting achievements, appearance, and common interests. But there are a few points that are still worth paying attention to so as not to be disappointed.

You can find a personal trainer on FitUnion.Pro, and check his qualifications for the items listed below.

Professional skills of a trainer
You can become a coach in several ways: get a specialized education or finish courses. Often, instructors are people who themselves have achieved success in losing weight or those who have a fitness or exercise machine were hobbies.

The trainer should have an understanding of the anatomy, know how the muscles work; understand the processes of metabolism; Be able to calculate the load for certain requests.

It is also important to have a theory about proper nutrition. Without it, even intense training may not work. Ask your instructor for a diploma or certificate to verify your qualifications. A good gym or fitness center will never hire a bad specialist.

Personal inquiries – why you came to the gym
It is clear that each coach specializes in something. The instructors are professional weightlifters, fitness athletes, gymnasts, bodybuilders, athletes, etc. They have their own methods and knowledge in a particular area. Therefore:

if you are interested in developing strength, muscle buildup – choose a weightlifter or bodybuilder;
if you want to lose weight, you need a trainer-nutritionist with similar experience;
if you want to run a marathon in spring – choose an athlete;
We need stable feasible loads in an entertaining format – a stretch with a gymnast or a fitness instructor.
In large centers, before choosing a fitness instructor, they usually offer several areas of work. The same fitness happens in the form of aerobics, yoga, zumba. Therefore, it is important to choose not only a specialist, but also a suitable sport.

It’s not necessary to constantly do one thing, but you will need a lead coach. It is with him that you will plan a training schedule. For example, you are a woman who wants to tighten her figure and develop strength. Choose activities in the gym with weightlifting or intense fitness.

One day you work out with weight, with exercise equipment, and the next day, the instructor will advise stretching, yoga or zumba. This will maintain the proper level of load, while diversifying the program and not overwork the body.

Friend coach
One of the components of success is good contact. The trainer is responsible for your health, the quality of training, becomes a friend and motivator. Some instructors may have an assertive work style or rigor. Others work softly, through persuasion, praise. Therefore, when choosing, consider the nature of the mentor.

In his profession, appearance is equated with advertising. Even a smart and knowledgeable specialist loses credibility if he has gained excess weight or walks in an untidy form.

If there is no contact, you do not feel sympathy and trust, then training is unlikely to be effective. This is especially important for those who are losing weight: they just need a person who can ignite them with an idea and send them on the right track in time.

The cost of a personal trainer
Not the last fact…

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