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Help in losing weight for a loved one: the subtleties of communication and the secrets of motivation

Do you suddenly find that sitting next to a girlfriend (friend) in transport has become crowded? Or a clothing thing was bought as a gift from memory, but it turned out to be 3 sizes smaller. Yes, it’s time to help lose weight for a loved one. And here it is not even a matter of appearance, but of health and the risk of pathologies. In general, it’s time for a friend to urgently get rid of extra pounds.

It would seem that he told the truth in my eyes: “Hello, you are fat / fat,” and the matter is with the end! But he is beloved and dear. How not to hurt, successfully motivate and be useful in overcoming the difficulties of the process of losing weight?

A loved one does not want to lose weight?
There is no problem if the reaction turns out to be adequate and productive to your remark – an independent review of eating behavior will follow, and the morning begins with a charge and a run. Only in most cases, everything happens exactly the opposite. Resentment, vagaries and seizure of “loonies” sweet and fat.

Therefore, before offering your help in losing weight, think 10 times, who needs to lose weight of a loved one more, do you or him (her)? Can you be firm in your decision and persistent in the desire to “drag him on your own hump to a healthy weight”?

How to motivate a loved one to lose weight

How to convince to lose weight a loved one
The first success depends on how you can find the right words for the first conversation about weight loss. We definitely need to speak sincerely and truthfully, but choosing the right phrases is not an easy task. Everything is very individual here.

The only thing that can be safely told is that in a conversation confidently focus on the importance of normalizing weight to maintain health, and not on your aesthetic preferences for slim figures. Think in advance and choose the words so that your counterpart does not suspect you of insincerity. Otherwise, the consequences of the conversation will be disastrous. Instead of motivation, an inferiority complex will be obtained.

Prohibited and allowed phrases
Here are some examples of how you can positively hook a person, without insults and accusations:

For friends:

“-” – you are fat and you look bad;
“+” – it seems to me that they think about me that I am not friends with you, but “hide behind your chubby forms” to emphasize my athletic physique.
How to motivate a loved one to lose weight

For partners:

“-” – such your figure does not attract me anymore;
“+” – I want to live with you happily and for a long time, without being distracted by sores that have arisen due to excess weight.
For parents:

“-” – completely ceased to monitor themselves;
“+” – how I want you to dance at great grandchildren’s weddings.
For teens:

“-” – you won’t get enough food for you;
“+” – it is proved that excess weight, at your age, leads to the occurrence of type 2 diabetes in young people (briefly but in detail to talk about the disease and its complications).
In general, any insults are prohibited, because this is impossible in any case, as well as accusations, because they take away confidence. Also do not threaten to break the relationship. There is an option that this is what will end.

How to motivate a loved one to lose weight

How to help lose weight
If the first motivational conversation led to a positive result and a loved one began to normalize the body, help him as follows:

tell me a good rocking chair, write to the “right” coach;
ask how to help – by finding useful information and / or joint visits to the gym, training on the street;
Do not set yourself as an example;
bet on the end result;
Do not provoke a breakdown in your diet with your own diet or idle talk about prohibited foods and foods;
Do not overload with notations and tips, control every step;
do not break down, clearly explain the harm of “miraculous” means and fast diets;
periodically cheer up, recalling that losing weight is a long process, and in some cases it can stall for several weeks or even months.
Be sure to ask to share with you cases when friends or relatives suddenly start to make fun of. Take all “appropriate measures” so that their actions do not lead a loved one from the path to achieving the goal. Of course, do not skimp on praise. In this case, “whips” are not needed, “gingerbreads” help well. And prepare in advance for the fact that your appearance will also have to correspond to the new thinner image of a friend or relative.

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