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Bellidans in fitness – what is it?

There are many directions in fitness, and one of them is belly dance. What is fitness in this article?

Fitness in the modern sense of the word originated in the USA in the second half of the last century. In Russia, its heyday fell on the “dashing nineties.” If at first there were no fitness clubs and they were replaced by semi-legal rocking chairs, then over time, thanks to growing demand, whole networks of special sports clubs appeared.

Bellidance is a fitness area, which is characterized by rhythmic dance. Almost all parts of the body are involved: shoulders and arms, hips and stomach of the legs, etc. Almost all muscles are involved in the training process. This can not be called a simple dance, although at first glance the person is dancing. In bellydance dances, like belly dancing, great importance is given to facial expressions and artistry, because their essence is seduction. They give a very serious load to the whole body, because rhythmic movements, stretching saturate the organs and muscle tissue with blood and oxygen. Hundreds of people are engaged in fitness bellidans, it is intended for those who love oriental dances and want to tighten their body.

So, this type of fitness is a belly dance, but not classical, but in the format of fitness training, where the emphasis is on physical activity. The main goal of the classes is to improve the body. In this case, it is necessary to strictly observe the rules of safety, in no case to avoid the risk of overvoltage. To build ligaments, movements of the classical belly dance are used, supplemented by aerobic exercises. The duration of the training is one hour without a break, which allows you to cheer up and come in a good mood.

Equipment and clothes for belly dance
For classes you must have clothes for belly dance: a topic and knitted trousers, a belt, soft comfortable shoes (you can practice in ballet shoes, Czechs).

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No special equipment is required. You can combine classes with exercise equipment and aerobics to engage all muscle groups, give the whole body a balanced load. The fact is that in dances of any kind of load of the same type, which is a minus. To form a beautiful figure with dances alone is impossible. You can develop a posture, a beautiful back, front of the thigh, stomach, get chic calves, but the rest of the muscles need pumping. Otherwise, the figure will not be harmonious.

Exercise bellidance
Usually classes go from simple exercises to complex ones according to the following plan:

1 Warm-up (stretching exercises, warming up muscle groups that have to work hard).

2Main part (ligaments, shaking).

3 Hitch (exhausted muscle groups relax).

To make belly dance belly dance exercises as effective as possible, instructors often use special mixes – these are modern processing of oriental melodies. The tracks are recorded non-stop, using a rhythm of 128 beats / min.

Classes allow you to develop:

ability to move to the rhythm of music;
skills to perform the main elements of a belly dance;
skills of making ligaments between movements.
Workouts are available for all ages. The main movements are the performance of the “eights” by the hips, then the pubic strokes. In this case, the back should be straight and the shoulders straightened. It is necessary to learn to improvise, to feel completely relaxed.

The main exercises include:

1 “Turkish statue.” Slightly bent legs are placed shoulder width apart. The hands connected above the head alternately smoothly part to the level of the shoulder, then palms down to the hips.

2 “The magic circle.” The upper torso is activated with the head, arms, shoulders, lower torso still. Torso alternately smoothly carried out first to the right, forward, then left, back.

3 “Flowing silk.” Eight hips are described.

The benefits of exercise
Bellydance classes for beginners help maintain the body in shape, they activate the heart and circulatory system, strengthen blood vessels, burn excess body fat. As a result, the hips become slimmer, the waist becomes thinner, the abdominal muscles are strengthened, the gastrointestinal tract improves, which helps to remove toxins and reduce body weight.

Oriental dance allows you to:

Make the figure harmonious.
Make the abdominal muscles elastic, smooth its skin.
Strengthen the spinal muscles.
Reduce pain during menstruation.
Strengthen blood circulation in the pelvic organs – the prevention of many gynecological diseases.
Relieve stress and increase self-esteem.

So, belly dance is now one of the most rated types of fitness. The number of attending classes is constantly growing. After all, such lessons make it possible to feel great, to be pleased with your appearance. This is a great type of workout for any woman, because aerobic exercise is complemented by stretching and strength exercises.

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