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Muscles are the most important tissue in the body. Skeletal muscles are under direct volitional control and provide movement of the body in space and maintain posture. Regardless of the…

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What is mind body training?
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Wellness run. Principles of self-training

Training methods for runners, from sprint to super marathon, have long been developed and worked out by athletes and coaches, and have been tested on treadmills from simple school stadiums to Olympic ones.

The question of self-training people of different sexes and ages looks completely different, for one reason or another, since childhood, who have been left behind the hectic physical culture and sports life of their peers. Often associated with illnesses, overweight, simple natural laziness, or a number of complexes of a psychological plan.

The motivation for doing jogging can be a number of urgent factors: “tired of going to clinics” or decisions to get rid of excess weight; to the banal looming summer swimming season.

Choose a place
So we are ripe, where do we start? The first thing we have to decide is where to achieve our goals. A simple school stadium is best suited for this, you can of course opt for a park area or paths near a reservoir. In any case, the final choice of the training place is yours and each of the options has its pros and cons.

Undoubtedly, one should opt for the stadium: firstly, it is a specialized building for physical education and sports; secondly, it’s convenient to calculate the load in terms of the meters and kilometers you run (on average, the length of the treadmill of the school stadium is two hundred meters, more reliable information can be obtained from the teacher of physical education of this school); thirdly, you avoid meeting with domestic animals – the owners, who are often more interested in discussing world problems than meeting their pets, and meeting a flashing doggie, especially a wrestling breed, is not always predictable; the list of factors in favor of the stadium can be continued further, for example, you avoid meeting with a swagger and a well-drunk company in the park zone, but let’s leave this question to your discretion, and move on.

Choose a place carefully
If you opted for a school stadium, do not rush to the first one that gets on the principle of the closer to home the better. In a modern metropolis, it is enough to go in any direction two to three blocks and you find yourself in the schoolyard. Therefore, thoroughly examine your neighborhood and try to choose a stadium according to the following parameters: the presence of green spaces around the stadium, it is better if it is coniferous trees; remoteness from the highway with heavy traffic; the absence of nearby enterprises with a characteristic emission of harmful substances and impurities into the atmosphere, as well as boiler rooms and sewage collectors; lack of markets, bazaars, cafes, restaurants, as well as shops with active sales of alcohol and tobacco products; it is desirable that the stadium cover (asphalt, as a rule) meets safety standards and is holistic without pits of cracks and potholes; if gymnastic apparatus and simulators are located around the stadium – this is a huge plus; it is desirable that the sports ground located in the middle of the sports core have a guard so that it is football or basketball
the ball did not get under your feet while running.

So, based on the above recommendations, you have chosen the area you like and the place for training should cause you: a sense of aesthetic satisfaction; you must breathe fresh air; to enjoy direct communication with nature; feel relaxed and free; minimize the impact of society on its psychological component.

Dress correctly
The next question, which will not work around, is your equipment, i.e. clothes and shoes. You need to dress beautifully, this does not mean bright, catchy and defiant in relation to others, but the clothes should be neat, clean, they should not hamper your movements, they should allow your body to breathe and absorb moisture, and you will have to sweat, here – no matter where , you can’t get away, clothes should not be too warm, otherwise you will be worn out, but you should not get hypothermia, in a word, you need to dress according to season and weather, and it is probably best to find a middle ground.

Choosing Running Shoes
Let’s talk about shoes in more detail. Shoes, most likely, it is appropriate to talk about sneakers, should not be selected according to the residual principle. It is advisable to run not in old worn out sneakers, which are no longer a pity, but in new, but already worn and fitted legs.

Sneakers need to be bought running, on a thick and rather strong and necessarily corrugated sole. If you respect yourself and go to training not in torn black, but in beautiful white or light athletic socks, then you need to choose sneakers with white or light interior trim, otherwise your socks will quickly shed.
An important element of shoes are orthopedic insoles, a foot with them will be convenient and comfortable.

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