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What is mind body training?

The constantly accelerating rhythm of the 21st century requires women to follow a certain lifestyle. It is necessary to pay attention to your body, to have a toned, slim figure. Among the proposed many sports activities you can always find the best option. We will tell you about mind body workouts. The main advantage of this direction is universality; these classes are suitable for almost any person. So, Mind Body – what is it in fitness?

The main thing is to find the strength in yourself for regular fitness, stop being shy of your forms, start a fight. Look at your reflection in the mirror. What do you see? Honestly: yes, I gained extra weight, lost shape. Do you want to stay like that? And if the answer is no, you can overcome all obstacles, reject fears and embarrassment, and change yourself.

Mind Body programs are intended for those who:

spends a lot of time at the computer:
suffers from frequent headaches;
moves a little;
avoids running and jumping, cardio training.

Classes will not create a stressful situation for an organism that has not experienced stress for a long time. You do not need to strain, intensively working out with dumbbells or weights, no one will force you to immediately perform squats with a barbell on your shoulders. Classes begin with soft fitness. You will give the body an optimal load without overloading the muscles.

Mind Body means conscious work on your body. The pace of training is calm, the heart does not get too much stress, but muscles and joints, all vertebral sections are worked out. The effectiveness of such a technique has already been proven, as a result of classes, all clamped muscles are released, the tone of the body rises, a person improves his posture. The respiratory gymnastics used during classes also has a beneficial effect.

What equipment is needed for training?

Initially, only a rug served as equipment for the Mind Body, then simulators began to be introduced. For Pilates, a large ball (fitball) is used. During the classes you need a chair, as well as a soft circle equipped with wheels (freeforms), it allows you to work out the departments of the spine.


The duration of the lesson can be an hour and a half. Training is based on the principle from simple to complex. In the beginning there is a warm-up – all muscle groups are warmed up. Then breathing is practiced, coordination exercises are performed. The most difficult are synchronization exercises. They require maximum attention to feel the body. The main attraction of classes is that you need to perform exercises until a feeling of fatigue appears. No overvoltage!

So, the following types of fitness are included in the training system:

1 Bodyflex. Thanks to aerobic respiration, fat is burned and muscles develop. Stretch marks are combined with static exercises.

2 Callanetics. Exercise system, consisting of half-twine, sipping, swinging, bending, deflection. It is carried out at a moderate pace, the movements are smooth, too much tension is unacceptable.

3Pilates. Helps strengthen corset muscles.

4 Yoga. Adoption of a certain position, concentration and endurance. The action of yoga is soft, it relaxes all muscles, tidies up the nervous system, and increases concentration.

5 Tai Chi. The practice, which includes three components: battle technique, dance movements and a healing system.

6 Qigong. This gymnastics allows you to achieve balance in the body and its energy purity. Joints and tendons are developed, energy channels are cleared.

7 Gyrokinesis. In this direction elements of various techniques are combined. Rhythmic wave-like exercises.

8 The Feldenkrais Method. Develops a person’s ability to perform familiar movements easily and with maximum efficiency.

The benefits of exercise
The foundation of body and mind is the balance of movement and breathing. It is necessary to fully synchronize them, carefully and carefully work on all movements, breathe correctly.

The training program contains almost 500 exercises, of which individual rehabilitation programs are also composed. Soon after the start of classes, one feels better, a person better understands his body, and can relieve back pain without using medications.

Flexibility and strength increase, joints become more mobile, posture is corrected, movements become graceful.

When receiving proper support, the efficiency of all organs increases.

d. Blood and lymph circulation are stimulated, oxygen metabolism in tissues improves, and immunity increases.


Almost anyone can do soft fitness. But still there are limitations. These include:

spinal injuries;
oncological problems;
heart attacks;
mental disorders;
recent TBI.
It is worth taking a break with colds, exacerbation of chronic diseases, after surgical interventions.

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