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Exercise during pregnancy. Recommendations and contraindications

Sports (not to be confused with sports of the highest achievements) are useful to absolutely everyone. Pregnancy is far from a reason to stop training, on the contrary. The main thing is to do everything measuredly, wisely and, of course, with benefit for the unborn child. We will tell you about why sports are needed during pregnancy, how to train properly and what should not be done in this article.
Motives for playing sports or physical activity in pregnant women are very different. They may care about the appearance of a changing body, worry about the health of the unborn baby, they may strive to maintain their physical shape during pregnancy and be able to withstand physical activities associated with performing professional duties or childbirth, or they need additional social communication and support in a new for them phase of life.Pregnant women who regularly engage in physical exercises, while making appropriate modifications to the program, can continue to exercise and thus maintain their physical condition throughout pregnancy and after childbirth.

Women who lead a sedentary lifestyle during pregnancy can also take advantage of the positive impact of playing sports, although in this case, physical activity programs should include additional support, motivation and professional pedagogical support in addition to taking into account their physical capabilities. In any case, a woman should consult a doctor before starting classes or making changes to the existing program of classes. In case of complications, the obstetrician-gynecologist may recommend that she change the program of classes.

Recommendations for playing sports during pregnancy are due to the risk of three main problems or potential adverse effects:

inadequate supply of oxygen and nutrients to the fetus;
disturbances in the development of the fetus and birth complications due to hyperthermia;
increased tone of the uterus.
Fortunately, a properly designed training program should not put a woman at risk of these complications without impaired pregnancy.

exercise during pregnancy Positive effects of physical activity during pregnancy
Due to physical activity, pregnant women can improve their health without exposing the fetus to practically any risk. Properly designed prenatal programs of motor activity contribute to:

a higher level of preparedness of the cardiorespiratory and muscular systems;
better recovery after childbirth;
faster restoration of the initial body weight, as well as the level of strength indicators and flexibility after childbirth;
more complete restoration of the original form of the anterior abdominal wall after childbirth;
significantly lower likelihood of back pain;
higher energy potential;
lower likelihood of medical intervention during childbirth;
faster and less painful childbirth;
less weight gain during pregnancy;
more stable mental well-being, which can weaken the manifestations of stress, anxiety and depression, often observed during pregnancy;
a higher likelihood of choosing a healthy lifestyle after childbirth.
The positive effect of exercise is that they can be the primary means of preventing diabetes in pregnant women. The influence of regular motor activity on insulin secretion, insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism can increase glucose tolerance and thereby reduce the likelihood of pregnant women developing diabetes.

Basic safety guidelines for women during pregnancy
Before starting classes, it is necessary to undergo an examination with a doctor. In no case can you listen to the advice of girlfriends about what exercises to do, which not. Each pregnancy takes place in different ways and the fact that one expectant mother will be safe and helpful, the second can harm;
Keep your exercise intensity at a level that is convenient for you. If you can talk during the exercise, then this intensity corresponds to your abilities;
Do not play sports if you have a fever;
In the fourth and after a month of pregnancy, avoid doing exercises while lying on your back;
Avoid exercises that give you discomfort and discomfort;
Use suitable shoes and clothing;
Avoid overwork and overtraining.
Contraindications for women exercising during pregnancy
Women without complications of pregnancy and without impairment of health can continue to engage in physical activity for recreational and restorative purposes.

However, in the presence of some health disorders, exercise is contraindicated. These conditions include:

pregnancy-related hypertension;
destruction of the membranes of the fetus;
premature labor pains in the current pregnancy;

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