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Roman Gritsin “Ecology of Thought”

“If in childhood you didn’t have a bicycle, and now you have a Bentley, then all the same, in your childhood you did NOT have a bicycle!”
Unfortunately, not all dreams in our lives come true. Often, we ourselves are to blame. We are very rarely ready to give everything to the full for our dreams. How to become better? How to go to your dream, no matter what? A successful fitness trainer, a person with an incredibly active lifestyle and just a cool guy Roman Gritsin knows the answers to these and other questions.

On November 8, at the annual festival “BEST FOOD FEST & HEALTH”, which took place almost in the very heart of Kiev, near the Andriyivsky Descent in “D12”, a successful fitness trainer, the initiator of the now popular one, gave an informative and motivational lecture (by the way, his debut in his life) Oxygen Workout Movement Roman Gritsin.

During a rather light and very interesting conversation, Roman told about his life experience, told how he became a coach, and of course, shared useful tips on how to improve health and keep youth. So we decided to share with you useful tips about which the lecturer-debutant spoke.

exercise gritsin romance

Do what you love
Being engaged only in what you love, you can achieve significant results. At the same time, it’s very cool when daily work brings a charge of positive and high. Moreover, if your work, even if it is mega-highly paid, does not bring pleasure, think and make a decision, may it be worthwhile to make fundamental changes in your life? Do only what you want, not what you need. Moreover, this thesis concerns not only work, but everything connected with it. Even if you need to buy buckwheat, and you want bananas, buy bananas (anyone in the subject will understand).

Give up salt and sugar
Roman abandoned salt and sugar many years ago and had never regretted it (at least as it seemed by his intonation). The dangers of salt have been known for a long time. Moreover, the harm lies in the fact that a person daily consumes it in an amount several times higher than the norm. People salt almost everything, from soups to various salads. But the daily requirement of salt is only 5-10 grams. Sugar, like salt, is also found in many vegetables and fruits, but we still continue to add it wherever possible. Roma refused sugar gradually. First, he excluded it from tea, then from coffee, and about 14 years ago he completely excluded it from his diet.

Stop chewing gum
You can buy chewing gum in every store. In each. Why? You did not think. Think about it, and we will not bother you in this. And it’s better if you buy again, read what is written in small letters. Very informative. It was after Roma read what was written there that he never bought this product in his life.

Go to bed and wake up without a phone (smartphone, iphone, tablet, etc. gadgets)
Learn to lie before bed without your “beloved friend.” Unfortunately, or fortunately, gadgets confidently, and apparently for a long time, burst into our lives. Judging by the sales of phones around the world, this item can be safely called the best-selling item on the planet. Going to bed, take time to your thoughts, think that you did good, useful today, whether you realized your planned micro-goals or not. Early in the morning, many people, instead of charging, pick up the same phones (which is a sin to hide, such a thing) and charge with unnecessary energy. Wake up, look up, plan your day, shape the image of the day. And if you do exercises, you won’t have a price. No, no, do not put the phone on charge, but do it yourself, with your hands, feet, body, and make some simple, but very useful gestures.

Eliminate the particle “NOT” from the lexicon
When Roma gave this advice, for some reason I immediately remembered the film with the inimitable Jim Carrey, “Always say yes.” I don’t know whether he watched this film or not, but conveyed the essence of the advice as in a film. We decide what we need from life. And if we say “NOT” – “I won’t”, “I don’t want” or God forbid “I can’t”, we make ourselves weak, we lose. Refuse these words and your life will change for the better. Do not believe? Watch the movie with Jim Carrey.

There are probably no people in the world who do not dream. As Roma said, dreams are the engine of your life. Just try to remember what you dreamed about in your childhood and youth? What sincere and honest were your dreams? What are you dreaming about now? And do you dream at all? Shame on you? Do not betray yourself, the young one you were … eleven years ago. Take time to dream, without it in any way.

Evolve comprehensively
Do you have a favorite activity? But this is not a reason not to pay attention to the world around us. He is so diverse. Attend various lectures and seminars, meet successful and interesting personalities, communicate with friends on various topics. Do not get hung up on just one thing, otherwise it can be annoying.

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